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Thor Audiss is the Director of Marketing for Storyteller Overland. Previously, Thor was a UI/UX Website Designer and full-time commercial photographer. Thor been in the Advertising industry for 6 years and focuses on community and people minded design and engagement Strategy. Thor has worked with more than thirty universities and countless clients and agencies across the country.

"I am constantly traveling and moving and currently residing in Boulder, CO. My biggest critics are my closest friends. My dream job is helping grow a company I believe in and I am doing it every day. I am a professional problem solver and love a good challenge. I believe the best tool is the one in your head. I think your passion should be your work and you should find your passion and pursue it. I think in today‚Äôs world it matters more about human interaction than a number on the screen. I believe being outside is the key to happiness. I am an avid outdoor enthusiast. I have ridden my bicycle across the country. I ran for 14 hours straight equaling over 67 miles. I am currently a competitive cyclist."

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