About Me

Thor Audiss

My mission is to elevate brands beyond mere products, fostering connections and reshaping perspectives.

In the ever-changing world of branding and marketing, I've excelled as a catalyst for growth. From shaping plans to building partnerships, I've thrived on telling compelling stories and making meaningful communities. With a talent for spotting opportunities and crafting engaging campaigns, I've led companies to triple their size and success, driven by a passion for excellence and creativity.


Chief Operating Officer / Chief Marketing Officer

Canyon Adventure Vans

I bring extensive expertise in operational management and strategic marketing to Canyon Adventure Vans, a leading provider of interior accessories for recreational vehicles and adventure vehicles. In this dual role, I am responsible for overseeing all aspects of business operations while driving the company's marketing initiatives to enhance brand visibility and accelerate growth. My focus on innovation and results-driven strategies has been instrumental in propelling Canyon Adventure Vans to new heights within the ecommerce and wholesale sectors.

  • Spearheading business expansion through the development and execution of highly effective marketing campaigns, resonating with target audiences and achieving organizational objectives.
  • Providing leadership and mentorship to a high-performing marketing team, fostering creativity, innovation, and tangible results.
  • Maximizing brand awareness and visibility through the implementation of integrated marketing campaigns across diverse channels, encompassing digital, social media, email, events, and traditional media.
  • Instrumental in achieving a remarkable 200% increase in business growth from inception, driving substantial revenue gains and heightened brand recognition across all business verticals.
  • Contributing to Canyon Adventure Vans' evolution from a budding ecommerce and wholesale company to a prominent player in the industry, catering to various markets including RV, automotive, and outdoor adventure.
  • Acknowledged with multiple accolades and awards for the development and execution of outstanding marketing campaigns, further solidifying the company's position as an industry leader.



Expanded the business by leading successful campaigns resonating with target audience and organizational goals. Lead and mentor high-performing marketing team to drive creativity, innovation, and results. Maximize brand awareness and visibility through integrated marketing campaigns across various channels, including digital, social media, email, events, and traditional media.

  • Achieved remarkable growth by driving 200% increase in business from inception.
  • Boosted brand visibility and grew revenue for all four companies by devising and executing robust marketing strategies.
  • Contributed to the company’s evolution from nascent RV distributor to highly sought-after multichannel brand offering rental, new RV, ecommerce accessories brand, and custom vehicles tailored for the overland community.
  • Recognized with multiple advertising awards for exceptional campaigns.
  • Established prominent brand recognition within the RV industry, solidifying a strong presence in the market. 



Exceeded business objectives, improved brand visibility, and accelerated sales by directing development and implementation of robust marketing strategies. Guaranteed consistent brand message across diverse channels by fostering seamless collaboration within the teams to execute impactful campaigns and track their performance.

  • Enhanced productivity and creativity within organization by orchestrating expansion of team from individual endeavor to cohesive unit comprising nine adept and synergistic members.
  • Augmented market share by heading acquisition of three companies, while strategically coordinating brand managers across


Director of Marketing and Systems

Delivered exceptional customer service by crafting visually appealing and user-friendly websites for clients. Propelled personal development by gaining in-depth understanding of website development and search engine optimization (SEO). Collaborated with businesses to elevate their online presence, attract organic traffic, and realize their business objectives.

  • Increased engagement and conversion rates by integrating effective SEO strategies and empowering clients in enhancing digital visibility and cultivating valuable leads.
  • Improved search engine rankings, website traffic, and brand credibility by partnering with companies in implementing customized SEO strategies tailored to unique industry landscapes and target audiences.
  • Supported businesses with establishing strong online presence, expanding their customer base, and achieving sustainable growth in the digital landscape by prioritizing client satisfaction and delivering measurable results.

Affiliations & Community Involvement

Vistage Member, Key Executive team, 2023 – Present

  • Peer advisory platform aimed at fostering personal and professional growth through facilitated discussions, expert insights, and strategic guidance.

Executive Board Member, Dirt Camp - 501 C, 2020 – Present

  • As a 501(c) program, we prioritized the holistic development of athletes while also emphasizing community service and fostering positive change within our localities.

Rider & Builder, Bike & Build – 501 C, 2016

  • Participants leveraged their love for cycling to support community service initiatives, raising both awareness and funds for affordable housing projects nationwide, thus driving positive change in communities throughout the United States.
  • Finishing with over 160 hours of volunteer work

Areas of Expertise

  • Brand & Marketing Communications
  • Customer Engagement Management
  • Campaign Planning & Organization
  • Innovative Thinking & Storytelling
  • Content Creation
  • Profit & Revenue Enhancement
  • Brand Ecosystems & Development
  • Team Training & Leadership
  • Budgeting & Forecasting
  • Stakeholders Engagement
  • Digital Marketing
  • E-commerce Optimization

Technical Proficiencies

RFPs | HubSpot | Salesforce | Google Ads | Email Marketing | Google Analytics | Paid Advertising | Adobe Suite | Shopify | Netsuite

References & Awards

David Schriber

CMO - Nike, Burton

Andy Dickerson

CFO - Storyteller

Tanya Lauer

Vistage Chair 


3 - Silver Addy Awards


2 - Silver Addy Awards


Eagle Scout