Nurture Nature

Thor Audiss | BFA Exhibition

I created this body of work to express a theme of nature and understanding from us and the earth. As a graphic designer and Photographer my work is influenced by the direction of nature and how it affects us. I prefer my works to be simple and clean. These constraints on my work help me be more creative and thoughtful with my pieces.  My works in this series deals with two different viewpoints, one of the earths and the others as ourselves. 

            The overarching theme in my works is the idea of how we see the environment and how it sees us back. My photographs are a reaction to the environment fighting back against the abuse we have caused the earth. In my illustration the view is how we see the earth and the respect we want to give it but cannot give without the use of pollutants such as chemicals in our water system. As an artist, my works complement each other and work together creating a common body made of different styles. Working with different problems and solving them using multiple mediums and styles creates a unique body of work that has a continuous feel of line movement and contrast.

The contrast of mediums in the show is expressed similar to the varying views that people have on how we are taking care of our planet. If we ourselves were a third party whoes side would we take the uncontrollable environment or the people who were taking advantage of the environment that is so called “uncontrollable.”